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About the factory in vietnam

My name is Hanna,

I am the manager of the company, together with 2 office clerks My & Huong,  I take care of your orders, from production detail to billing, on-time delivery.

I love the products and my job.
We also have good suppliers in China and Vietnam. Together, we have brought many good products to the market and made our company stand out.

If you have an idea or question, just give me a call, or send me an email, I will gladly answer you.

Tel. +84 936563366


Myle is my name, 

I am the assistance of Hanna, working for more than 12 years in the company. I love my job very much.

Together with my colleague Halley,  I take care of orders of some customers, from production detail to the on-time delivery.

If you know me and if you are happy, just send me an email, so that i know that you are here. I can smile, life is so nice.

Tel. +84 985115822

eMail :

Hi there, 

I am Haley, Hanna 's assistance for few years . I love the computer system, the place and all people here, and I love the nice products.

Together with my colleague Myle,  I take care of orders of some customers, from production detail to the on-time delivery.  I am learning fast to adjust the requirement level of my customers.

I live not so far from the company. I try always reply your concerns quickly.

Tel. +84 0934 946 356

eMail :

Dear Ladies and Gentlement,

I was neighborhood of my Boss, Mr. Ky. I know Mr. Ky from the childhood as he and my aunt went to the same elementary school in Saigon in the 60's oldies time. 

I am working for the company almost from the beginning, know everything's around the company. I am the head of shipping department  and take care for the housekeeping in the company.

I prepare the packing list every week for the office, so that our customers know which products, which orders we have sent. 

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